Top 10 Reasons an Off-Grid Homestead Probably Isn’t Right for You

Instead of giving you the positive, “everyone should try this!” perspective on homesteading off-grid, let’s look at the reality…

Here are the top 10 reasons an off-grid homestead might NOT be a smart move for you…

#10 – You’re Not Ready to Break Up with Netflix

When you move off-grid, you’re saying goodbye to a lot of creature comforts… Sayonara, Netflix marathons! Unless you’re working with an unlimited budget you might be temporarily or permanently without some of the first-world luxuries you’re using to. Imagine no more hot showers, no more central heating or air condition… if that sounds like a nightmare, better save up first for the Starlink and serious off-grid power system!

#9 – You Don’t Want to Apply “One with Nature” When it Comes to Bugs

Love the idea of living in the great outdoors? Remember you don’t get to pick and choose which “outdoors” elements decide to love you. You’ll probably be dealing with bugs, bugs, and more bugs… possibly scorpions, snakes, and who knows what else. Get ready to become best buds with your local insect population.

#8 – You Like Your Couch – Or Your Gym Membership

Think you can handle the simple life? Living off-grid means a never-ending parade of chores, from chopping firewood to hauling water. Check the garden, feed the chickens, do yoga with the goats. You won’t need a gym membership, but your cardio better be on point! (Also, you’re not likely within driving distance of a box gym… which does let you escape most gym contracts, on the positive side.)

#7 – You Have the Carpentry and DIY Skills of a Drunken Beaver

Sure, building your own tiny house sounds like a blast—until you realize you have the carpentry skills of a drunken beaver. Get ready for a whole lot of wonky walls and crooked doorframes.

You’ll be building your own… everything? So either brush up those skills or blackmail a handy friend into coming along. (Or marry the handy one, that seems to be working for me.)

#6 – You Prefer if Nature’s Call Doesn’t Really Involve Nature

Nothing beats the feeling of communing with nature—except maybe the feeling of squatting behind a bush because you don’t have a bathroom. Who needs indoor plumbing, anyway?

From composting to outhouses and more… you’d better be ready to get real friendly with nature!

#5 – You Actually Like People

Ever heard the phrase “it’s lonely at the top”? Well, it’s even lonelier in the middle of nowhere. Say goodbye to spontaneous hangouts with friends and hello to long, contemplative conversations with your pet rock.

If you actually like people, this may not be the ideal lifestyle for you. Unless, again, you’ve got great blackmail skills and can convince those people you do like to come along with you.

#4 – You Prefer “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor” Remains Part of Your Streaming Marathon

You get to grow your own food! And survive where ever you’re at. While we hope it won’t be other humans you’re fighting for survival… you will be dealing with weather and wildlife.

Between hungry critters and unpredictable weather, your garden might just end up looking more like a scene from Jurassic Park.

#3 – DoorDash is Your Bestie

Break the habit right now if you’re thinking of moving off-grid. There won’t be dashers, or ubers, or pokemon where you’re headed.

Living off-grid is basically a real-life survival game. Forget about ordering takeout—your dinner is whatever you can hunt, gather, or wrestle away from a hungry bear.

#2 – You Need Predictability for your Reels and IG Posts

Nope. You think the weather wreaks chaos with your planning now? Wait until you’re off grid and dealing with the ever-changing, unpredictable weather…

That sunny day you were planning to spend frolicking in the meadow and taking pics for IG or shooting idealistic TikTok videos? Yeah, Mother Nature had other plans. Get ready for rain, snow, sleet, and hail—all in the same afternoon.

#1 – Muddy Boots and Mosquito Bites are Not the Uniform You’re Ready to Embrace for Life

Going off-grid means saying goodbye to civilization and hello to a lifetime of muddy boots and mosquito bites!

If you’re still feeling adventurous, awesome! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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