7 Types of Off-Grid Homesteaders – Which One Are You?

It takes a certain type of person to be excited about moving their life to an off-grid homestead. If you’ve been considering it, are already in the process, or have fully moved yourself off-grid, you probably fall into one of these 7 groups!

1. Apocalypse Escapee

Honestly, with the way it’s been going lately… a zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. Who wants to deal with brain-hungry zombies when you can be playing with chickens and growing your own veggies in your off-grid paradise?

You might be an Apocalypse Escapee if your bug out bag includes Israeli style gas masks, anti-radiation meds, and a machete (or three).

2. Don’t Make Me People

Tired of making polite conversation with your nosy neighbors about the weather? Living off the grid means you can avoid awkward small talk altogether and have meaningful conversations with your chickens instead.

If you were just fine staying at home during the covid lockdowns, appreciated the quiet isolation, and know you’ll be happier talking to your chickens, cows, and goats that having to interact with people… this might be you.

3. Leaving for a Simpler Life

Is it time to say goodbye to endless social media scrolling and hello to the simple pleasures of life? Are you ready to spend time staring at the stars, listening to the sound of crickets, and contemplating the meaning of existence?

Seriously, who needs Instagram filters when you’ve got nature’s beauty? You know what “dopamine fasting” is, and you’re all about resetting to the simple life.

4. Embracing My Inner Hippie

No judgement here – let your freak flag fly! Living off the grid gives you the perfect excuse to embrace your inner hippie and commune with nature in all its tie-dye glory. Just don’t forget to stock up on organic granola and patchouli oil.

You know if this is you… you probably already have the VW van or Breaking Bad style RV, have no problem “simplifying” to move off grid because you’ve already let go of the materialistic approach to life, and your crystals and incense are ready to go! You probably watched The Garden: Commune or Cult and kinda wanted to be there.

5. Survivalist Superhero

Who needs Batman when you can be your own survivalist superhero? Living off the grid means mastering essential skills like starting a fire without matches, foraging for wild edibles, and building a fortress out of recycled tin cans.

For some off-gridders the challenge of survival IS the fun part. If you can start a friction fire, know how to hunt or trap, and are pretty sure you’d do better on Alone that the contestants did… yeah, this is you.

6. Done with the Matrix

Sick of paying outrageous utility bills and being a cog in the capitalist machine? Tired of being tracked every-freaking-where you go? Feeling like you’re trapped in a matrix that’s designed to prevent you from succeeding or finding happiness?

Living off the grid is the ultimate act of rebellion – a giant middle finger to the powers that be. Take that, Big Brother!

7. Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Always dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl, riding off into the sunset on your trusty steed? Living off the grid lets you channel your inner Clint Eastwood and live out your Wild West fantasy – minus the duels at high noon, of course.

If you loved Yellowstone, The Ranch, and actually own a saddle (or, it’s on your goals list), then this one is you, cowboy or cowgirl!

So, there’s the 7 types of off-grid homesteaders. And honestly, Jake and me (Allie) are a little bit of ALL of the above… I’ll be the one growing organic lavender and burning incense, but also prepared for zombies.

Whether your motivation for going off grid and building your own homestead is to escape the zombie apocalypse, avoid awkward small talk, or just to embrace your inner hippie, going off the grid is an adventure like no other. So pack your bags, kiss civilization goodbye, and get ready for the wildest ride of your life!

P.S. Which one are you? Leave a comment and share! 🙂

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