The Off Grid Goals Book Series

Looking for a quick, simple guide to all things “off grid” and “homesteading”?

We’re sharing what we’ve learned through our own homestead adventure and journey to save you from hours of research, trial and error, and frustration.

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The Homesteader's Guide to Herbal Gardening
for Health and Wellness

Unlock the Power of Herbal Gardening: Your Path to Health and Wellness!

Creating your own backyard herb garden turns nature into your own personal apothecary.

Inside this guide you’ll discover the benefits of cultivating your own medicinal herbs:
– the best herbs to soothe upset tummies and promote digestive health
– which herbs can help boost your immune system and improve muscle recovery
– what teas to try brewing for relaxation, headaches, and women’s health
– herbs for pain management, respiratory issues, and much more

Say goodbye to store-bought medications filled with chemicals and hello to natural remedies straight from your garden.

Take control of your health and well-being. With every herb you grow, you’re one step closer to a self-sufficient oasis of healing and harmony for both your body and mind.

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The Homesteader's Guide to Sprouting Success:
Growing Microgreens for Fun or Profit

Whether you’re looking to cultivate microgreens for personal enjoyment or to generate additional income, “The Homesteader’s Guide to Sprouting Success” is your quick start guide to cultivating microgreens!

Discover the basics of what microgreens are, their benefits, and how to begin growing them. Learn how to select the right seeds, as well as your choices in growth mediums, watering, lighting. Plus, learn how to avoid the most common challenges with mold and more.

Explore sustainable farming practices for microgreens (including specialty sprouts and shoots) with organic growing techniques, hydroponic gardening methods, and how composting can elevate your microgreens farming game.

Discover the health and wellness benefits of microgreens with their nutritional benefits, ways to incorporate them into a healthy diet, and their uses in beauty products and natural remedies. Including recipes for nutritional teas and beauty products from face masks to hair masks and more.

Plus, learn how to turn your microgreens passion into a side hustle. From basic marketing strategies to selling online and at farmers’ markets, this chapter provides actionable tips for starting and scaling your own microgreens business.

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The Homesteader's Guide to Off-Grid Composting:
Turning Waste into Wealth for Healthy Soil & More

Hey eco-warriors, compost connoisseurs, and soil sorcerers… transform your homestead into a green oasis with “The Homesteader’s Guide to Off-Grid Composting: Turning Waste into Wealth for Healthy Soil and More.”

This quick guide begins with the fundamental rules of successful composting, and will equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the power of composting effectively. Explore the myriad benefits of composting and discover seven practical steps to kickstart your composting journey right in your kitchen or your backyard.

Discover various composting methods, from traditional backyard composting to innovative techniques like vermicomposting, bokashi composting, trench composting and composting toilets. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or a homesteader with limited space and resources, this guide offers tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Navigate through common challenges such as limited space, water scarcity, and extreme climates with expert advice and practical tips. From cold climates to arid desert environments, learn how to adapt your composting practices for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Packed with insights, checklists and resources, “The Homesteader’s Guide to Off-Grid Composting” will help you quickly learn to transform trash into treasure and cultivate healthy soil for a thriving homestead. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, dig in, and join the composting revolution!

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