100 Valuable Skills for Homesteaders

There’s a lot to learn and master to succeed in achieving self-sufficiency… it can feel super overwhelming. So I’m looking at it like a journey and any progress we make towards it is awesome. One step (one skill) at a time.

Here’s some of the skills on the list we started that we’re diving into… I’m sure we’ll keep adding to this list, but it’s somewhere to start and track our progress!

Gardening and Agriculture:

  1. Basic gardening
  2. Soil testing and improvement
  3. Companion planting
  4. Crop rotation
  5. Seed saving
  6. Composting
  7. Raised bed gardening
  8. Trellising and vertical gardening
  9. Natural/organic pest management
  10. Natural/organic weed management
  11. Hydroponics
  12. Permaculture
  13. Food Forests
  14. Greenhouse management
  15. Seasonal planting and harvesting
  16. Orcharding (fruit tree care)

Livestock Management:

  1. Animal husbandry (caring for livestock)
  2. Nutrition and feeding
  3. Fencing and pasture management
  4. Breeding and genetics
  5. Herd health and disease prevention
  6. Milking (cows, goats, etc.)
  7. Egg collection and handling
  8. Shearing and wool handling
  9. Beekeeping
  10. Livestock slaughter and butchering
  11. Hatching and raising chicks

Food Preservation and Storage:

  1. Canning (water bath and pressure canning)
  2. Dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and meats
  3. Fermentation (pickling, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.)
  4. Smoking and curing meats
  5. Root cellar building and maintenance
  6. Freezing and vacuum sealing
  7. Cheese and dairy processing
  8. Jam and jelly making
  9. Vinegar and oil infusions

Homestead Infrastructure:

  1. Basic carpentry skills
  2. Plumbing (installation and repair)
  3. Electrical wiring and safety
  4. Solar panel installation and maintenance
  5. Windmill installation and maintenance
  6. Rainwater harvesting system setup
  7. Off-grid water purification
  8. Septic system setup/maintenance
  9. Tool maintenance and sharpening
  10. Basic welding and metalworking
  11. DIY home repairs and maintenance

Emergency Preparedness:

  1. First aid and CPR
  2. Wilderness survival skills
  3. Fire safety and extinguisher use
  4. Natural disaster preparedness (hurricanes, wildfires, etc.)
  5. Navigation and map reading
  6. Emergency communication (HAM radio, etc.)
  7. Food and water rationing
  8. Self-defense and firearms safety
  9. Basic sewing and mending
  10. Knot tying and rope work

Off-Grid Living Skills:

  1. Off-grid cooking methods (campfire cooking, solar oven, etc.)
  2. Off-grid laundry methods (hand washing, wringer washer, etc.)
  3. Candle and soap making
  4. Natural cleaning products and DIY household items
  5. Foraging for wild edibles
  6. Wild game hunting and trapping
  7. Fish cleaning and filleting
  8. Baking bread and other baked goods
  9. Herbal medicine and natural remedies
  10. Weather forecasting and observation
  11. Navigation using stars and celestial bodies

Financial Management and Self-Employment:

  1. Budgeting and financial planning
  2. Self-employment skills (marketing, sales, etc.)
  3. Record keeping and bookkeeping
  4. Bartering and trade skills
  5. Business planning and entrepreneurship
  6. Financial independence strategies
  7. Tax planning and preparation

Health and Wellness:

  1. Holistic health practices
  2. Herbalism and plant medicine
  3. Yoga and meditation
  4. Wilderness safety and injury prevention
  5. Mental health awareness and self-care
  6. Ergonomics and injury prevention
  7. Stress management techniques
  8. Natural skincare and personal hygiene
  9. Sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques
  10. Sustainable fitness practices

Environmental Stewardship:

  1. Sustainable land management practices
  2. Wildlife conservation and habitat restoration
  3. Permaculture design principles
  4. Renewable energy design
  5. Recycling and waste reduction strategies
  6. Carbon footprint reduction initiatives
  7. Water conservation and watershed protection

Personal Development and Lifelong Learning:

  1. Goal setting and time management
  2. Resilience and adaptability skills
  3. Critical thinking and problem-solving
  4. Lifelong learning and continuing education
  5. Creativity and innovation skills
  6. Emotional intelligence and empathy
  7. Personal finance and wealth building
  8. Reflection and self-awareness practices

What’s on your list? 🙂

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