Screw It… Off We Go!

Sometimes you’ve got to make a decision and go for it before you really FEEL ready… and that’s exactly where we are today!

Welcome to Off Grid Goals, our little corner of the cyber world.

After about two years of traveling full time in our RV, we’re packing up everything we own and heading out to 50+ acres we bought in Texas with our two beautiful Belgian Malinois, Xena and Storm.

For the sake of #opsec, you can call us Jake and Allie. I’m a 40-something entrepreneur and he’s a 30-something retired military man.

Our families might think we’re crazy. But we’re done with what we see as crazy – the rat race, the modern dependence on the system, and the matrix.

We’re ready to give it everything we’ve got to go off grid, unplug from the matrix, and build a self-sustaining homestead. One insane step at a time.

Since we’ve already been living in the RV, we’re pretty well set for a shelter and already used to living in a small space and keeping it (mostly) to the necessities.

Off-grid power – We’ve got the solar panels, batteries and windmills covered.

Off-grid food – I’ve done hydroponics and am all set for that, and ready to learn gardening (we’ll see how it goes). I had to stop window shopping for chickens until we get to Texas but stay tuned… and I discovered miniature cows so you’ll see those soon, too!

This is very much a “figure it out as we go” journey…

With as much research as we’re putting in along the way, we figured we’d share what we’re learning with others who might be curious (or just as crazy as we are), and document our journey.

Got questions? Ideas of info you’d love to see us share? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

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