Essential Tools for the New Gardener

As new gardener, I’ve chosen to view my garden as an adventure! Every seedling is a promise, every bloom is a triumph, and every weed is a dastardly villain in need of vanquishing.

And I’m discovering along the way the essential tools that equip me to tackle any challenge and vanquish every foe… sadly, not a sword on this list. But here are a few essentials I recommend if you’re preparing for your gardening season.

Hand Trowel: Our trusty sidekick in the battle against compacted soil and stubborn weeds. This handy little tool is perfect for digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, and scooping soil with ease.

Garden Fork: When it comes to turning over soil and breaking up tough clumps, the garden fork is the secret to quickly aerating soil, mixing in compost and more. Find one with an ergonomic handle, you’ll be using it a lot and it’s worth it.

Pruning Shears: Pruning shears are like the Swiss Army knife of the gardening world—compact, versatile, and indispensable. Useful to trim dead or diseased branches, prune back overgrown foliage, and harvest ripe fruits and vegetables easily.

Garden Hoe: Don’t try to tackle every weed with a hand trowel or you’ll quickly find yourself exhausted and sore. Invest in a good quality garden hoe and you’ll save a lot of time.

Watering Can: It might be tempting to just use whatever you’ve got handy or laying around… but get yourself a cute watering can that makes you smile (big enough that you don’t need to make a thousand trips to fill it, but small enough you don’t need to be Superman to lift it).

Garden Gloves: I thought I’d love the feel of the earth on my hands. And I do. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. But I DO mind prickly plants, attack rocks, and evil weeds attacking. So, gardening gloves made this list!

Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow: Thought I wouldn’t need this either… definitely necessary! When it comes to hauling heavy loads of soil, compost, or harvested veggies, a garden cart or wheelbarrow is your best friend. Make sure you get one with decent size wheels so you aren’t getting stuck in the dirt.

Carrier or Bag for Your Gardening Tools: Save yourself time, trips back and forth, and the energy wasted with “where did I put that again?” by getting a good carrier or storage bag for your tools!

There’s your quick checklist of essentials — what would you add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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